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Facebook Lead Ads provides users with one of the best methods to generate leads for your business. These types of campaigns typically appear in the News Feed placements of Facebook and Instagram. When a user clicks on the Ad, a Lead Form appears which auto-populates data from the user’s social media profile, such as email, phone number and name.

Much of the success or failure with Lead Ads, relies heavily on the follow up. If you’re looking to capture emails, then it’s essential that you have a strong email sequence already in place. If you’re looking to capture phone numbers as well, then it’s important that you follow-up with leads with a phone call as soon as possible.

No Social Media platforms offer businesses as much flexibility as the targeting tools deployed by Facebook.

Facebook literally places millions of customers within your reach instantly and it allows you to zero in on your ideal customers for optimum results. Our team will run an effective Facebook ad campaign that targets prospects based on the age, gender, location, interests, posts and pages they have “liked” and that make sense for your products or services.

You can use this valuable data to continue ongoing ad campaigns that reach your ideal customers before they even know they need you! A forest full of low-hanging fruit is at your fingertips when you embrace the power of Facebook ads.

There has never been a better time to expand your reach to super-targeted audiences and get started while costs for Ads on Facebook are still relatively low.

Increase Your Leads with Facebook Ads

We must mention that when using Lead Ads, you’ll need to have a Lead Magnet in place. This can be anything from an e-book, cheat sheet, list, recipe, etc…

You have to give users a reason for filling out the form. With our service, we’ll create an optimized Lead Ad campaign, which can include Lead Magnet design as well as a week of campaign management. 

Keep in mind that this does not include the actual cost of the ads themselves.

How We Work

When you decide to let us handle your campaign, we’ll start creating Facebook Ads to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales within 7 days.

We’ll handle everything allowing you focus on running your business.

We will generate a steady stream of leads for you to convert to sales. You will see a Return On Investment like you have never seen before!

Expand your reach in your market. Build brand awareness. And tap into a predictable stream of highly targeted prospects who should consistently return as customers.

We research what your competitors are doing in your space and check out how they are advertising on Facebook and reverse engineer this to suit you and your business goals.

Sometimes this involves small changes, sometimes a completely different way of thinking is required in order to capture your target market in a way which retains them as clients.

We research the types of customers which will bring you the best return on your Ad spend. We don’t just drive any traffic to your website or offering hoping that you will succeed with a scatter gun approach.

We keep your budget in mind when bidding for the best key words that will drive targeted traffic to your offering. We are aware that budget blowouts are a typical result of inexperienced ad management. We monitor your ads every step of the way to optimize your campaign hour by hour, day by day.

If you have an existing Ad account, we review your account, look for areas of improvement and ensure the future campaigns are aligned with industry best practises.

We compose and review your ad campaign to ensure everything is working such as ad placement, links, and analytics.


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Our Packages

A Ton of Value at Affordable prices

Lead Ads Campaign Creation

$ 200
  • Campaign Setup
  • Lead Form Creation
  • 3 Ad Variants
  • API Sync
  • Email Notification

Campaign Management

$ 500
  • Everything in Basic Plus
  • 1 week of Lead Ad campaign management.

Grow Your Business

Advanced Advertising Marketing to Convert Your Leads to Customers
$ 1,000
  • Everything in Standard Plus
  • 6 Ads Variants
  • 1 month managed campaign


In short, yes. Lead Ads can work very effectively however there are many factors that can come into play when using this particular method. In order to have success with Lead Ads, it’s important that you have an effective Lead Magnet that is properly aligned with the correct audience.

This is entirely dependent on your budget, your target audience and your lead magnet. With that said, much of the success in Lead Ads relies heavily on the follow-up (e.g. email or phone call) of your sales or marketing team. What information do you need for the lead magnet design? We need the final lead copy magnet, any logos / branding you’d like to include, as well as your target audience.

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